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About SurgePoints

SurgePoints (\ˈsərj\ - A powerful upward movement to an unusually high level.

Everyone has the potential to excel-to dramatically change for the better.  Tapping this potential requires the right resources.  And not all help is created equal. We offer premier counseling services and resources and leadership development to help you emerge stronger from life’s challenges and better embrace its opportunities, including help for anxiety, depression, relationships, boundary setting, stress management, interpersonal skills and other vital needs.  Contact us to take a look at how our excpetional network of professionals can help you, your family, or your organization. 

SurgePoints is quality and simplicity in one. Your appointment will be set within 24 hours of reaching out to us.  Guaranteed. 


We offer in-person and telecare (video) counseling options - reducing time and location barriers.  Much of the administrative work will be done prior to your first appointment so you can focus on the full value of your sessions. We want each client to note the SurgePoints difference - and to benefit tremendously from it.

Meet the team

Richard Ruff, LPC and Managing Director

Debra Blum, MAPC, LAC, NCC

Marc Chase, MFT, LAC

Kellie Farrell, LMSW

Porsche Johnson, LAC

Stephanie Larsen Mickelsen, LMSW

Jodi Richins, LPC

Sandra Thompson, LPC

Michael A. White, LAC

Brianne Zamora, LPC

Eddie Twitchel, LISAC

Jake Pehrson, LAC

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