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Clinical Therapist

Our Agency

Surge Points Counseling is a Private Practice office. Our Therapists offer counseling services in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), Emotional Focused Therapy (EFT), EMDR, and Play therapy.

Our clients are seeking guidance and support in working through most common mental health issues including Adjustment, Anxiety, Depression, Grief, Relationship Distress, Trauma, and Addiction Support.

Ideal Candidate

This position is best suited for a highly motivated therapist who enjoys private practice but does not want the hassle or stress of running their own practice (marketing, billing, scheduling, rent, etc…).  It is also suitable for someone who prefers working as part of a collaborative team of therapists, rather than practicing in isolation and has a passion for practicing therapy. 


This is a commission-based employment (1099) position with growth potential and increased revenue as your caseload grows. Professional growth and development, including: 

  • Support with developing your own interests and specializations. 

  • Consulting group with other Surge Point Counselors and other local professionals.

  • Support with continuing education and training.

Administrative Services: 

  • Front Office Staff with Scheduling Support  

  • Billing Services

  • Scheduling and Note-taking Software

  • Opportunity to create your own blog articles through the website and/or video blog. 

  • Facebook and Google Ads/SEO 

  • Marketing for groups and workshops you provide  

  • Business cards  

  • Office Space 

  • Technology for video recording and storing video of sessions on our HIPPA compliant secure server for review in supervision. 


This position requires a strong work ethic and the ability to take pride in the quality of services you are providing. A balance of attention to detail and paperwork with person-ability and warmth is a must. You must be willing to work within the constraints of agency regulations and insurance reimbursement with a positive attitude. Dedication to the team and the overall growth of the practice is vital.  

  • Licensed Professional Counselor, LPC  or Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist, LMFT.

  • Is looking to develop their Therapeutic modalities and improve their professional skills.

  • Has a focus on providing great care to the community.

  • Has a desire to work with others and provide positive feedback and energy.

  • You decide how many client hours per week (plus the additional time needed for case management, consultation & record keeping.) 

  • Willingness to work weekends as needed (weekends are compensated at a higher rate than weekdays.) 

  • Willingness to comply with documentation protocol necessary for receiving insurance reimbursement. 

  • Competency with documenting “medical necessity” in progress notes and treatment plans.  

  • Completion of notes and other required documentation within 24 hours of completion of session. 

  • Comfortable working with high status, high conflict couples. 

  • Clinical Administration:  Policy Compliance and Assurance of Quality Client Care.

Areas Of Interest

  • EFT

  • Anxiety Treatment

  • DBT

  • EMDR

  • CBT

Additional Information

  • Equipment: Must have a smartphone, computer access and be comfortable with technology.  

  • Technical Proficiency: Using electronic management software for client records. 

  • Comfortable using Microsoft Office 365 products (outlook, word, excel, power point, etc.) 

  • Video recording sessions and reviewing therapists’ sessions .

TO APPLY: Email the following to  ATTN:  Clinical Therapist Employment 

  • Letter of Interest 

  • Resume/Vita 

  • 2 Professional Letters of Recommendation speaking specifically to how you are a good fit for the job (qualities outlined in the job description.) 

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